ZINKMADE From the Eyes of a Little Sister

Margaret Walker

It has been so incredibly cool watching Katie constantly growing with her business over the past ten years. 

I remember going to visit Katie while she was at Sheridan and finally getting to see her working at the print table for the first time. It was absolutely the coolest thing to me, and the shirt that she printed for me that day became my favourite. Seeing how something that she had designed and hand-drawn was transferred onto a screen, and then applied to my shirt was kind of mind-blowing.  

I remember the first time that I saw her news-print screen, how cool and original I thought that the idea was. It was a huge step in her career. 

When she came home from college I remember working craft shows with her all around London, or coming by the shows to bring her coffee if I had a busier day. I watched as she took on more prints and more shows, and made a name for herself in the London market. Then came the bigger, out of town shows. I will never forget the excitement that was felt when Katie got accepted to the One Of a Kind craft show in Toronto for the first time. It was a huge and awesome step. 

I can clearly remember the day that she quit her day job, and ZINK MADE became her career. 

I watched as she seamlessly re-branded after getting married, and as her ideas and wants changed her collection. 

It has been so incredibly cool to watch as this business has blossomed, and I hope that those of you out there that own a TIRED sweater and a news-print scarf also remember this amazing journey. 


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